Meara at Brunwick Forest

Mom has been in her “planning” meetings and been a little sidetracked, so I decided to help her out and write her letter for her.  She will be so super surprised!

You know what the best thing about my mom is?  She does all this planning and sits in front of her computer for hours (and ignores my requests for belly rubs) but then she gets up and takes me out and tells me about all the cool things she does for all the people she works for!   You know, she loves you all so much (not as much as she loves me) but all this stuff she does is to make her people friends happy!  


I keep telling her that really all she needs to do is bring you guys a super awesome tennis ball covered in special dirt from the far corner of the backyard and that would make you jump up and down!  (that’s what my mom does and obviously it works great!)


This past year has been loads of fun for me.  She takes me to camp at the Leland Pet Resort every Wednesday so I can see my friends.  I know that mom’s team really misses me on the Wednesday Zoom calls.  I have a lot to contribute and squeaky toys add a lot of interest to some really dry conversations.  Sometimes I get baths too on Wednesday but either way I love my human friends at the Resort!  


Mom also taught me how to paddle board and surf this year!  Want to see something really cool? Check out my video! Click here for my super awesome video  She even bought me a surfboard and I am getting to be such a pro! This is why we love the beach - and did you know that Oak Island is super dog friendly? I have so many friends there!


Mom says that I am doing a great job of earning my keep now that I am a big girl , I go get the paper from the driveway every morning - (sometimes I get the neighbor’s too, then mom makes me put it back) - I even use my “big girl bark” to keep the UPS guy and FedEx on track - can’t have them slacking off - they bring me my Bark Box and that is the very best.  I get to work more for my mom this year too.  She is really super clever - and she is getting signs made for her listings that have doggos like me - I GET TO DECIDE IF A HOUSE IS DOGGO APPROVED!!! How very very cool is that??  Dog approved home - and my paw print.  


Dad is helping out now too - he gets to spend a whole lot of time on the computer (here we go again with the ignored requests for belly rubs - jeez) but it’s good because mom has a lot more time for me and that’s the most important.  


I get to hang out with everyone at Rasa Love & Co a lot now - and let me tell you - these people are super fantastic and work really hard for you.  I am going to help with their marketing efforts - I am going to get them all tennis balls this year for Christmas and some dirt from the yard - that way you guys can jump up and down too!  


Mom wants to wish everyone a joyous spring season!  And so do I!  (The cats aren’t really excited about any of this, so I’ll just wish you the same as my mom - silly cats.  They hate my tennis balls too)

With loads of kisses and a big wet nose!


Meara Love