Wasn’t I just sending out our holiday messages?  Somehow March has come in like the lion it is supposed to be, and I looked around and realized that I had fallen short on my letter writing.   I know that a lot of you read our monthly newsletters and I am sure you can see by the amount of real estate that is happening, I have not had a moment to sit at the keyboard and write.  


Ever since the virus took a toll on our world, our health. our families and our finances, we have all had to learn a new way of living.  Real estate included.  


Two years ago I had decided to build a team to assist the growing needs of my business, and in the two years we have expanded, contracted and expanded again.  Growth is not a steady upwards line.  What I have found through this process is the importance of synergy.  One step from energy - which is almost as important. (Although most say that I have enough energy to supply a small town in the winter) Directing that energy into progress is another point.


“You are exactly where you need to be, my dear.”  


Staying present in the moment has been challenging, especially with the current situation of the world.  I could begin a rant at this exact moment and fill up hundreds of pages on so many things. Allowing my mind to stay present has probably been the most beneficial thing I have been doing throughout all of this.  Every day I am asked, “what do you think this market is going to do?”  I can tell you that I honestly do not know and I think that when we start looking too far ahead it creates panic.  


When I was just getting into this business, my early sale successes were dampened by my brain saying, “Great job hon, now this is just luck and you’ll never sell another house again.”  I halfway believed my brain and then worked ten times harder to prove it wrong.  And then I just lived in fear.  I really thought I’d be like Chris Farley and be living in a “van down by the river.”  


That didn’t happen, not yet anyway, and now I realize that all of that struggle and fear got me here.  And I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I have an amazing team that is growing into their own successes.  We are all working energetically, positively and SYNERGETICALLY.  We are growing together.  


Now, why is this all so important to me? and why am I telling you this?  This isn’t about real estate at all, and it isn’t about marketing or trying to sell somebody something.  It’s really about relationships. This is why I love what I do. We are all intertwined and are a part of each other’s journeys.  Sometimes briefly and sometimes for a long haul.  We have our forever friends and we have the friends that help us through a difficult or even incredibly joyous time of our lives.  Either way we are all here to create a synergy.  I love the fact that i am exactly here and it’s where I need to be.  Even with all the world’s insanity, I am surrounded by some really amazing people. my team and my clients.  You guys make this world a better place.  


Thank you.