This quote often haunts me, as I have been in many situations in my life that hurling a rock at something would feel incredibly satisfying.  This is one of those times for me.  


This past year has been so full of moments to pivot.  With the changes in our lives brought about by this pandemic, I wish there was a huge rock that I could throw at this whole thing on so many levels.

With that said, I also am grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and that on a business and personal level, I have found the way and the means to navigate this new world order.  What HAS transpired is an abundant amount of growth.  


Our challenges are doing and succeeding in different ways.  Succeeding in different ways.  Every day I wake up and realize that in order to meet a challenge, make a difference and create the life that I want to lead, I have to do it in ways that I had never imagined.  


Now, I am having cocktails on Zoom with my clients, I am making sure that I have extra time at showings to allow myself the time to wipe down door handles and faucets that we may or may not have touched to provide safety for the next people coming through or the sellers coming home, I am working remotely with my team, and instead of all the classes being in person, I am making sure we all have scheduled time together.  I am using my beloved technology more and more than I ever thought I would.  I am forced to lean on things that before I just thought as a luxury.   


On the personal level, instead of doing shows at the local theatre, my dog and cats are the audience (but I am finding music that I never knew about).  I am socially distancing but having better conversations.  I am driving less, spending less (except for Amazon) and enjoying movies, series and online chess games - things that I never did previously.  


My life has definitely taken a different path.  I watch movies pre-pandemic and crave the life without masks.  Party on the beach without a mask in sight!  Wow - what would that feel like?  I used to forget my mask and have to turn back around to get it out of the car.  Now it’s just habit.  Not one that I particularly like, as it’s a constant reminder of our current state of affairs - and that’s where that HUGE rock I would like to hurl would really come in handy.  BUT……


What if all of the things that were forcing us to do things differently, succeed differently, were not all bad?  Longer conversations, taking more time for ourselves and our families, purposefully going through each day and planning - which we are all doing more of - makes us better humans?  We are witnessing loss of loved ones and learning more empathy (at least I hope so), we are all learning to navigate this new world. 


There are not enough rocks right now.  The only way I know of to navigate this is to wake up every day and just be creative enough to pivot and change and keep hanging on.