So, here we are, another change in season and closer to the end of another year.  The world seems to suddenly slow.  I think primarily - at least here in Wilmington, it’s because we have been running in and out to escape the heat and don’t bother looking around unless we are at the beach with our toes in the water.  


Today I looked up.


This past month for me has been not much more than a series of car trips back and forth between Raleigh and Leland, and then Waterford to Brunswick Forest.  It was one heck of a move.  We are now settled.  So, if you are getting this letter, it is because you either bought a house or sold a house with me or my team and I honestly have to say thank you to each and every one of you. (I’ll get to why shortly)


I was very lucky (or maybe unlucky) in the fact that I had the luxury (or curse) of having a month to move.  In my mind I felt lucky in the beginning.  As you all know, my business has been growing by leaps and bounds and I have the proverbial tiger by the tail at the moment.  I thought, gee, this is great, we can move at our leisure.  Sure - great thought, however that was not what happened.  No matter how much time you think you have, it’s not enough, or it’s too much.  All work expands to fill the time allowed.  


I was organized in the beginning.  I had tape, boxes, a month of Wall Street Journals to wrap things in.  I had friends to help me pack, organize and gift to.  I had the use of a moving truck and I had movers too.  I had it all together.  


Until I didn’t.


Things seemed to multiply like Gremlins in that awful 80’s movie.  And frankly I had no idea that I had that much stuff. Holy moly. I have made so many trips to Goodwill and Salvation Army that they know me by name, and “no, I don’t need another donation slip.”  Insane.  I have boxes that will be heading to Asheville with my daughter when she comes home next.  I have art supplies that were bequeathed to me by Mum so I promise I WILL NEVER BUY ANY MORE PAINT.  ugh.  Just so many things.


BUT I realized how rich my life really was.  How cool that I had all these things memorializing different aspects of my life.  There were all my show posters, my grandmother’s piano music, my piano music, numerous paintings by my daughter and my mom, ones they did together. Photos in boxes ( and negatives) stopped me in my tracks and I spent a lot of time digging and reminiscing.   I have costumes from theater, Halloween costumes from Skye’s many trick or treating escapades.  Tons of baking and cooking pans and accessories from years of cupcakes and kid-themed parties.  You can’t move without touching every single thing in your life.  EVERY SINGLE THING IN YOUR LIFE.


So, here is the thank you…


You all worked with me with a tougher time constraint, and you all were going through all this insanity of moving.  Along with lenders, processes that may not have been clear.  Some of my clients are doing this and going through estates, divorces, big huge moves across the country or to another country.  And each and every one of you was KIND.  Because as stressful as this process is, it’s super easy to get rattled.  And you chose kindness.  So THANK  YOU!