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Now that we are through most of winter, it's really time to start thinking about what is coming next!

The cold months here on the coast seem to us southerners, to be the worst part of the year.  We tend to want to stay home with mugs of hot coffee and tea and wish for our warmer, more activity conducive days.  Well, our market tends to follow suit.

Now that the worst (we hope) is behind us, it's time to start thinking about real estate if you are planning on doing something in 2016!  

Are you selling?  Well, go take a walk (bring the hot tea) around your home and see what else has succumbed to the cold.  What is your landscaping doing?  How about those leaves that have accumulated in the gutters and along the side of your home, allowing moisture

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You just got that new sign in the yard, congratulations! You've done all the clean up, yard work, fresh paint and declutter. You've bought smelly candles and you feel like you are living in a model what do you need next?


How about those glossy brochures and flyers in the info box ? And you have your own website, so that's pretty amazing too.  The internet marketing is firing up and you are watching those numbers climb!  Even better!  So all this and you ask your agent to do a broker open or a weekend open house. Your agent then shifts her weight and stammers a minute and then explains that open houses don't really work.  Broker opens are just an excuse for local agents to have lunch. You the stare in disbelief that this

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On one of my many walks with Jingles - my golden retriever - he and I were having a discussion about real estate.  I tend to talk to him about what is going on in my business and he tends to listen really well.  On this particular day, Jingles actually asked me a question.  

Since I find human homes, could I start finding homes for homeless animals?.  He seemed to think that since he was a rescue and I had found him a home (with me) that I should be finding homes for other animals like him.  

"Jingles," I explained, "I help people BUY homes and SELL homes, and I do search for homes for people.  It's not exactly the same thing."  He looked at me and then went chasing after a squirrel.  But the thought resonated for some time with me and I then

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I am a very fortunate person.  I live in Boiling Spring Lakes, on the lake, with an amazing view and surrounded by nature.  I work on Oak Island.  Another great place - beaches and marshes galore, easy parking and dog friendly as well.  I also work in Southport.  I ADORE Southport and have been coming here since I was a young teen.  My office is officially in Leland.

Today I received a phone call from a potential client who has been speaking with me about listing his property on Oak Island.  We have been speaking back and forth for several weeks.  He received our paperwork and then called me to say that he was upset because my office was not on the island, that it was in Leland. How could I possibly help him without my office being in Leland.  "all the

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Today’s Friday Field Trip takes us away from Southport to venture into the mouth of the Cape Fear River.  Just a short boat ride up the Intracoastal Waterway brings us to the mouth of the Cape Fear where the river meets the ocean. 


On breezy days this serves as a sailor's dream – wide open spaces to take the boats out to play offering plenty of room in the channel or a beautiful sail out to deeper waters just off the coast of Bald Head Island and Oak Island. 

The river also serves as a main shipping channel for the Port of Wilmington, and daily, you may pass by a large freighter or cargo ship.

Today however we are taking a boat ride across to Cape Creek located just behind Bald Head Island, one of the creeks that separates Bald Head

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Living In The South: 10 Benefits of a Southern Lifestyle

I am a very fortunate person.  Because of my profession, I have, let’s say, accumulated many friends.  I look back on my high school days, and if you had told me that I would have this many people in my life, I would have told you that you were crazy.  I mean that.

In retrospect, I now understand why my life began in a small, rural town in eastern North Carolina and why this shy, small town girl, who spent her summers running around tobacco fields and climbing trees finally landed here, by the shore, but still not that far away from home.

It’s the same reason that the plethora of my friends are, ‘not from round here,’ as they say back home.  I have dinner with these friends, many from

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